Performance that Improves Your Bottom Line


LEMCO was founded on a commitment to honesty, integrity, ethics and quality. First and foremost we will always do the right thing in all business dealings. We have built a reputation on being fair with all of our clients and industry associates. How we conduct ourselves on a daily basis is a tenet of who we are. As a LEMCO client you will experience the following:



A Collaborative Business Relationship

  • Our relationship starts with a clear understanding of your needs and expectations
  • We make it easy and convenient to obtain information when you need it
  • We concentrate on your needs and respond to them throughout the project 

A Proactive Partner

  • We start planning for completion and commissioning at an early stage in the project
  • We practice pre-project planning

 Strong Management and Supervision

  • Managing projects in a safe work environment
  • Meeting our clients budgets
  • Maintaining high quality standards
  • Building with speed
  • Going far beyond the call of duty to make sure the project is completed on time
  • Dealing professionally with unforeseen conditions 

A Meticulous Approach

  • The highest quality standards for installing materials
  • A thoroughness and understanding of contract and document compliance
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