Full Range of Construction Services

LEMCO has considerable experience in providing the full range of construction services to a wide array of clientele.

The majority of our experience is working in and around the public, with owners that have 24/7 critical operations and stringent security protocols. A majority of our portfolio is also renovation and retrofit work because we are skilled at large volume planning, logistics analysis, manpower and material coordination, and tight schedule control.

Our construction capabilities include:

  • General Contracting
  • Construction Management (CM@Risk)
  • Design-Build
  • Program Management
  • Logistics/Moving Services
  • Long Term Delivery Contracts
  • Job Order Contracting (JOC)


General Contracting

The foundation of our company is providing exceptional general construction services. We match our client’s objectives with our proven management techniques, the highest quality materials and installation, fine craftsmanship, and skilled on-site management. The result is project goals that are achieved on schedule and within budget time and time again.


Construction Management (CM@ Risk)

Our staff has the understanding, skill and experience to deliver projects under this team approach of contract delivery. Through this delivery method we form a cooperative team of professionals that includes the owner, design team and ourselves. We bring quantitative and qualitative value to the design process through attention to detail, maintaining schedules and guaranteeing cost.



Returning to the time honored approach of the Master Builder, a successful project is an intricate blend of design, construction and a strong working relationship with the client.

On top of that, LEMCO brings proven processes, experience and the best industry practices to ensure our clients profit from:

  • A reduced overall project schedule
  • Specific criteria and special requests being met


Program Management

This service is "an extension of our Client's staff" and includes a variety of Construction Contract Administration services. While the specifics of the service vary from project to project and client to client, our role is to be the owner's advocate/manager.


Logistics/Moving Services

We have currently provided logistical support to the Dallas Independent School District for 38 schools for their current bond program. We have the resources and capability to provide a smooth transition as part of our Client's strategic plan.


Long Term Delivery Contracts

With this unique service of indefinite delivery type contracts, our clients benefit from our "no learning curve, hands-on" approach. Our teams can manage several projects at once and through the on-site management, our clients realize lower costs and accelerated schedules.


Job Order Contracting (JOC)

JOC is an efficient and expeditious method of acquiring contract maintenance, repair and minor construction services. Using the JOC approach, we can take over a client’s contracting process and accomplish routine construction projects faster and at significantly lower costs than with traditional systems of construction contracting.

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