Effective Safety Management Program

A strong commitment to preventing accidents and insuring employee safety has created a company-wide safety culture. Our "SAFETY FIRST and ZERO ACCIDENTS" philosophy advocates education and prevention as the cornerstones to every phase of project development.

We have found that our safety success is based on our proactive approach to education and the development of best safety practices. By the practical application of key concepts, experience has proven to be effective in reducing losses.

We implement the following key elements for the successful management of our safety program:
- Our safety strategy establishes overall goals and strategies for improving safety performance including setting expectations for safety performance.
- Management is involved and accountable for project safety and continuous improvement of safety management and methods.
- We set specific standards with anyone working on our projects. From subcontractor prequalification to subcontractor selection, we ensure that safety performance is a priority consideration in selection.
- We monitor and provide controlled management to achieve our safety goals
- We invest in training and continue to train on an individual basis for each employee. Training is addressed at each level in the company.
- Our Corporate Safety Program includes comprehensive procedures, work rules, OSHA compliance, training and duties and responsibilities.

We are proud to be members of Quoin, the Dallas Chapter of Associated General Contractors of America, and with that comes the benefit of being supported by the best safety professionals in the country.